Fit Camp 4a Cause

This 10 WEEK fitness challenge starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends the day before Valentine’s Day.

YOU have ONE LIFE and ONE BODY so take care of it. Act today! The most successful make decisions within 5 seconds. Ready…5….4…3…2…1…. Sign Up

Looks like you need more information to get motivated…. this should do it…..

Are you ready to get in the best shape?  A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

Simple to sign up.  Make a choice today… count to 5 and make a decision!!

Go to the Checkout Page and INVEST TODAY!!

Whoever has the most points wins the Grand Prize. You win points by the following:

  • 10 points – Before & After Written Testimonial
  • 10 points – Before & After Video Testmonial
  • 10 points – Before & After Photos
  • 1 point – For each workout attended
  • 1 point – For each Facebook Check-In


YOU workout M-F at 515am-615am. Check out the VIDEO to learn more.


This challenge sponsored and presented by:

Heath Van Patten
Virginia Treat
Kelsi Jo Baker
Laura Mason
Eric Vanus

Fit Camp 4 a Cause

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